Our Mission

The mission of ASTICON is to help production companies to successfully implement their Business Strategy with optimal use of Factory IT solutions and to help engage staff at every level from CEO to shop floor.

We balance the innovative ideas and business strategy with the most effective IT applications to ensure a successful Factory IT solution.

IT system for factories
Factory IT Solutions
What ASTICON Stands for

This is what ASTICON stands for; and this is our stamp of quality & dedication...

ASTI is our 'bubbles of ideas' where we are bouncing your business’ 'wants & needs' with our innovative knowledge and experience of cross industry experience within Factory IT. We promise you an innovative tour guide of inspiration on your strategic journey toward successful Factory IT.

CON as in Connected Intelligence, where we combine the best ideas & practise of 500+ Factory IT Professionals as well as give you access to our Connections to the most competent specialists within MES, MOM, IT/OT, Industry 4.0, Software development, Agile Projects, Pharma validation, etc.


  • Automation
  • Manufacturing IT: i.e. IT used for data gathering and control of production units (dansk: produktions-IT)
  • MES: Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • MOM: Manufacturing Operations Management
  • IT/OT: Operations Technology, app. equal to MES+Automation. OT is outside of the central IT system.
  • Factory IT: i.e. often used similar to IT/OT
  • Industry 4.0: covers the life circle of a product – from R&D through production to delivery and after-sales service.
  • Industrial IoT: i.e. data gathering and distribution on factory level from sensors, computers, etc. to Cloud
  • IoT: Internet of Things, i.e. IoT is everything that could be connected to the internet incl. intelligent cars, houses, cities, etc.
  • Cloud: i.e. internet-based storage and distribution of data
Glossary Diagram